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Over the past years, BAKON has focused as much as possible on sustainability in the design of its machines. With this we strive for a good balance between social well-being, environmental care, and economic growth.

By continuously improving the efficiency of the BAKON machinery we enable you to set profitable goals. More efficient appliances drive down energy costs, product waste and, loss of product, therefore cutting down your overall business costs.

Take a closer look at a few of our sustainable machines


Designed for operating pressure at only 4 BAR air (instead of 6-8 bar)

When designing our BD RANGE, energy consumption was one of the focal points. By switching to 4 bar working pressure instead of the still common standard pressure of 6 – 8 bar, air consumption is optimized.

With their 4 bar operating pressure, the machines of the BD RANGE, can run without any problem in normal production processes and/or be integrated into production lines of 6 – 8 bar.

Not only our BD RANGE, but all our dosing machines such as the PISTON DEPOSITOR and the GEARWHEEL DEPOSITOR are capable of dosing exact quantities. Important in relation to your ingredient declaration and exact use of your precious raw materials.

With the TARGET SPRAYER you have less overspray and product waste

Reducing product loss and using less spraying product are sustainable solutions that lead to a reduction in production costs, which in turn results in more profit.

The TARGET SPRAYING MACHINE with product sensor and adjustable spray bridge hits the target, which in turn could result in more profit.

Our RELEASE AGENT SPRAYER uses specially designed and adjustable spray guns to evenly distribute a very fine layer of release agent over different sizes of containers, pans and molds. This method ensures clean, efficient and product-saving lubrication.

Re-use of product with the PUMP CONTAINER

Many of our machines, including the ENROBER and DECORATING MACHINE are equipped with a PUMP CONTAINER for the re-use of collected product.

The high-quality pump in the container ensures a constant throughput of product and a continuous and hygienic production process.

The durable construction ensures a long service life and effortless cleaning and maintenance.


Lower costs through the re-use of product

The DISC SPRAYER is one of our machines where overspray is kept to a minimum.

Combine the DISC SPRAYER with a refrigerated collection container to easily and safely re-use temperature-sensitive raw materials such as eggs, making your production process more sustainable. This also means direct savings on your production costs.

We only use materials of the highest quality for the manufacture of our machines. These high-quality materials contribute to a low-maintenance and long life of your machine.

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All our machines and production lines of course meet the latest hygiene requirements, which ensures that your food production runs according to the highest applicable hygiene standards.

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