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Food products


Precision in depositing both the dough and filling of quiches is essential to ensure the consistency and quality of the quiche. Achieving the perfect balance between the crust and the savory filling is a hallmark of a well-made quiche.

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The production and depositing of lasagna, the iconic Italian dish, requires the use of appropriate suitable machines and production lines to guarantee a consistently high-quality end product.

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Plant based products

More and more consumers are turning to plant-based products as a healthy and environmentally alternative to their traditional diets. As consumers become increasingly familiar with plant-based products and initiatives, the global plant-based food market size will continue to grow strongly in the coming years.

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Hummus, a culinary dish from the Middle East, is a versatile and beloved spread that has crossed borders to become a global bestseller. This delicious spread is a blend of mainly cooked chickpeas, tahini (a paste made from ground sesame seeds) and olive oil.

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Tapenades, spreads, dressings & dips

The correct way of depositing your tapenades, spreads and dressings is very important for the efficiency of your production process. BAKON can recommend a number of machines suitable for depositing all these products with their different structures.

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Desserts, yoghurts, creams and mouses

In the production of desserts, the lightness of the dessert often plays a major role. Usually the lighter, the better. Especially in the flight catering where every gram or ounce that goes into the air count. This lightness or airiness must not be lost during the production process or afterwards. Every day thousands of people are enjoying the quality of your desserts. With our years of experience in the food industry, BAKON machines take your production to a higher level and contribute to the brand awareness of your products.

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Mashed potatoes

In line with ready-made meals, the market for ready-made mashed potatoes has also grown enormously. And this will continue in the years to come.

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The correct method of depositing for soups is also very important, as most soups are more liquid than, for example, sauces, and this increases the risk of splashing. In addition, it is also important that the structure of the soup is preserved and that any added ingredients (pieces) remain intact.

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Sauces and gravy

Whether you want to deposit a sauce directly on a product or you want to deposit the sauce in a container, in both cases you want the correct amount to be deposited and of course that this is done in an efficient and hygenic way.

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Ready-made meals

The ready-made meals market has experienced enormous growth in recent years and will continue to grow in the years to come. The size of this market is expected to double between now and the year 2030.

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