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Service and Support program

Redcase BY BAKON

RedCase: a Service and Support program by BAKON

Secure your production and reduce machine downtime with the RedCase of BAKON!

Due to close monitoring and machine check-ups, we offer you the security that unnecessary downtime is absolutely minimized.

A WiFi modem provides direct access to your BAKON Portal account, where user manuals, electrical diagrams, certificates and lists of spare parts are safely stored. 

Special key features

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Key features

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Frequently Asked Questions

RedCase is a service and support program by Bakon that provides comprehensive care for your equipment. RedCase ensures you to have continuous updates of machine parameters and regularly (4 times per year) online check-ups. These preventative measures increase the efficiency of your machine, lengthen its lifetime and reduce shut down times and therefore production costs.

The RedCase Service and Support program includes:

  • 4 times per year online machine check-up
  • Report and recommendation after every online machine check-up
  • Storage and administration of machine parameters on the Bakon Portal
  • Easy access on the Bakon Portal to view user manuals, electrical diagrams, certificates and lists of spare parts
  • Access to Service Priority Lane
  • A RedCase tool case with spare parts, special tools and maintenance product(s)
  • The possibility to expand your service and support with the visit of service engineer

Inside the RedCase tool case you’ll find the following components (may vary depending on the type of machine):

  • Special tools
  • Spare parts and maintenance product
  • Access code to the Bakon Portal
A built-in modem provides direct access to your own Bakon Portal account, which of course is secured and protected by login codes. Inside your account, all machine data are safely stored and you will find the current maintenance status of your equipment.
A built-in wifi modem enables you to make an online connection and access your own BAKON Portal account. This account is of course secured and protected by (personal) login codes.
Our Ultrasonic Slicers are standard equipped with RedCase. The first year is free of charge (i.e. you pay no subscription fee). After the first year, you pay an annual subscription fee.
  • Certainty for optimal performance
  • Reduction of risk of failures
  • Reduction of downtime by taking timely measures (e.g. early machine check-ups).
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RedCase is available for the Nano, Compact and Inline Ultrasonic Slicers and the Gearwheel Depositor

3 Years warranty label
3 Years warranty label
3 Years warranty label

Buy a Gearwheel Depositor or Nano Ultrasonic Cutting Machine together with our Service & Support program RedCase.
This will extend the warranty period of your machine to 3 years and strengthen your competitive position through a reliable and future-proof production process.


RedCase online

A built-in modem provides you direct online access to your Bakon Portal account. On this BAKON Portal you’ll find all machine user information such as user manuals, electrical diagrams, certificates and lists of spare parts.


Service and Support

4 times per year RedCase carries out an online machine check-up whereof you will receive a report with recommendations. This standard RedCase Service and Support program may be expanded with a visit of one of our service engineers.

RedCase desktop

RedCase Care

We take good care of your machine by carrying out online machine check-ups and storage and administration of your machine parameters on the Bakon Portal.
RedCase safe

RedCase Safe

Secure all data of your machine safely in the BAKON Portal.

The BAKON Portal keeps your machine parameters (and more) safely online stored and easily accessible at all times by means of the built-in modem.

RedCase priority

RedCase Priority

RedCase assures fast service and support by giving you privileged access to our Service Priority Lane.

This means that your service call receives preferential treatment and you may count on the fastest service and support possible by our service engineers (24/7).

Redcase - Bakon

RedCase Content

Besides the Service and Support program, you’ll receive a RedCase tool case containing the following components:

  • Spare parts and maintenance product
  • Booster
  • Special tools
  • Access code to the BAKON Portal
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BAKON Portal

The BAKON Portal offers active and optimal remote support for your BAKON equipment. Protect your machine by counting on the reliable and flexible support solutions that the BAKON Portal provides.
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