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Industrial Glaze Spraying machine

Conveyor with poly cords (or wire mesh) and adjustable speed

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Movable funnel with eccentric disc pump

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Clear and easy to use operating panel

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Air pressure and spraying hose

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Double glaze filter to prevent nozzle blockage

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Automatic spraying with the

Industrial Glaze Sprayer

High-volume, automatic spraying and beautiful glazed products are the keywords of this Industrial Glaze Sprayer.

It is a well-known fact that glazed products have a longer shelf life but also find their way more quickly to the consumers.

The Industrial Glaze Sprayer Machine or Industrial Glaze Sprayers has been specially developed to glaze large quantities of different-shaped products perfectly. Not only confectionery products but all kinds of food products. This is, of course, done with minimal waste or overspray.

Key features

An adjustable amount of spray guns on the in height adjustable spray bridge ensure a consistent application of glaze, jelly or jam (at the exact right temperature) on the products that pass the spray bridge.

To minimize waste and overspray, the spray guns are only actuated when products or trays are detected on the conveyor. Any overspray is collected in the funnel underneath the conveyor for re-use.

The glaze, jelly or jam is pumped from the movable funnel through an electrical spiral heater to the spray bridge above the conveyor. To guarantee an even temperature, the spray product is continuously pumped through a ring line in the machine.

Auto-filling system for a glaze tank (only possible when glaze is supplied in tanks), executed with pneumatic valve, hose and level sensor in the hopper.

Medium / high

Glaze, jelly and jam

Standard model
2200 x 800 x 1000 mm (l x w x h)

Conveyor speed :
8 – 16 metre / min.
Glaze output :
2 litre / min. at 85°C, 6 litre / min. when pre-heated to 55°C

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