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Industrial Bakery Experience

Bakon, Bolidt, Koma, Rademaker and Zeelandia have launched the very first virtual trade show for industrial bakery professionals. This innovative format will bring together the industrial bakery community digitally from the 27th of January till the end of April 2021.

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Do more with less

Now is the time to upscale your equipment and experience more production with less manual labor. By investing in upscaling your equipment you will optimize your production process, save on labor costs and improve your profit.

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Let it Shine

Work fast, clean and efficient on the perfection of your products. Make the finishing touch with the Disc Sprayer

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Save on labor with BAKON

Upscale your production

This Labor-saving Industrial Depositing Line is your solution to more efficiency! High-Performance Depositing Line. With DENESTER, PISTON DEPOSITOR and TRANSFER PUMPS.

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