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Eclairs, the pastry that strikes as a flash of lightning

Is it the glistening of the fondant icing that makes the eclair look like a bolt of lightning? Or have they been named so because they fly off the shelves at the confectioners? Anyway, eclairs are so good that they are eaten as fast as a flash of lightning!

The eclair is made of choux dough that, once baked, becomes light and crispy on the outside and hollow on the inside. This hollow inside is created as the water in the dough evaporates during baking, which makes the dough to inflate. The hollow inside is filled up (injected) with cream, custard, crème Suisse, chocolate cream, etc. The flavored icing on top, like fondant, chocolate, caramel, etc. makes the eclair even more appetizing.

In the United States éclairs are sold as Long Johns; they even have their own national day on the 22nd of June. Long Johns differ however from the original ones and are made with donut pastry and filled with vanilla pudding or custard.

Eclairs are originally elongated, but are also available in a round shape. Both shapes are deposited on baking trays. In addition to the manual (smaller) production by confectioners, eclairs are also industrially produced in high capacities. Eclairs are suitable for deep freezing, which of course extends the shelf life.

Depositing technique
Batter: Gearwheel Depositor, Piston Depositor, Drop TT, BD3, BD7, BD9
Injection: Gearwheel Depositor, Piston Depositor
Decoration: Gearwheel Depositor (heated)

BAKON Product
With servo-driven depositing cylinder to control the depositing movement and easy to operate through the full-colour touchscreen.
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Together we will look at your requirements with regard to the required machine and the products to be produced. On the basis of this information, our technical draftsmen go to work, after which we will present you the customized solution.

Bakon is your partner in customized and turnkey solutions to optimize your production processes.

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