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Red velvet

Red Velvet is a real American classic

In recent years the red, red-brown colored chocolate cake has become increasingly popular. First around Christmas time, but more and more also around Valentine’s Day or other special occasions. Velvet cake is a soft and velvety crumb cake and is traditionally iced with a butter icing. Red Velvet cake can be layered but, but there are of course many variants of this luxurious and fancy cake possible.

Common ingredients include butter, cocoa, vinegar and flour. A red food coloring or beet juice may be used for the coloring. A good red velvet cake should be airy and moist.

The very light and fluffy butter icing (or roux icing) is nowadays often being replaced by the less time-consuming variations of a cream, like cream cheese or buttercream. This cream is also used when the cake is built up in layers.

Red Velvet cake is usually baked as a round cake in metal or paper baking forms, although other shapes, like rectangular and baking methods (on baking trays) are also becoming more common. Variations in flavor can be achieved by adding a garnish such as nuts, raisins, or chocolate drops.

In addition to artisanal baking methods, the cake can be produced inline in high capacities and is also suitable for freezing.

Used techniques
Depositing batter: Piston Depositor, Gearwheel Depositor, BD7, BD9
Filling/decorating: Gearwheel Depositor, BD7, BD9, Cake Decorator
Cutting: Ultrasonic Cutting Machines

Bakon Pico Ultrasonic Slicer with product Red Velvet
This machine is specifically designed for those customers with a smaller production that still want to add great value to their products, while saving valuable labor.
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