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High-volume cupcake production with the

Depositing Line with Denester

Depositing Line with Denester, Industrial Transfer Pumps and Piston Depositor

This Depositing Line is designed to produce a range of marble cakes for mid-sized and industrial bakeries.

The Denester dispenses a variety of paper cups on the conveyor, at an adjustable pitch that can be set on the Piston Depositor.

Two Industrial Transfer Pumps, integrated to the Depositing line, each transfer a different types of cake batter into the hopper of the Piston Depositor.

This Piston Depositor is capable of depositing both chocolate and natural cake batter at the same time, to create a marble effect.

Customized and Turnkey

Custom built to your specifications​

We design and manufacture complete production lines to the needs, desires and circumstances of customers all over the world. With our expertise in pastry equipment we are able to meet all your needs and find the best possible solution.

Together we will look at your requirements with regard to the required machine and the products to be produced. On the basis of this information, our technical draftsmen go to work, after which we will present you the customized solution.

Bakon is your partner in customized and turnkey solutions to optimize your production processes.

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Semi-liquid products such as cake batter, muffin batter, choco mousse, custard, cream cheese, fillings with e.g. raisins, nuts, pieces of chocolate, fruits, etc.

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Piston Depositor - Bakon

Secure your production and reduce machine downtime with the RedCase of Bakon!

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Denester - Bakon


Denester - Bakon
Denester - Bakon
Denester - Bakon
Denester - Bakon

Piston Depositor

Transfer Pump - Bakon

Industrial Transfer pump

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