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Pastry is of all times and places and exists in countless varieties. Usually they are light, airy and a little greasy and have a crumbly or flaky texture.

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Red velvet

In recent years the red, red-brown colored chocolate cake has become increasingly popular. First around Christmas time, but more and more also around Valentine’s Day or other special occasions. Velvet cake is a soft and velvety crumb cake and is traditionally iced with a butter icing. Red Velvet cake can be layered but, but there are of course many variants of this luxurious and fancy cake possible.

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The different styles of the Cheesecake are often based on their region from which they originate. There are many different versions in Europe and the United States alone, they not only differ in taste but in structure as well. The rich New York-style Cheesecake, with a smooth and creamy consistency has become very popular, also outside NY.

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The curve shaped croissant (although there are also straight croissants) is often linked to the idea of a luxury Sunday breakfast, but are increasingly sold for breakfast or lunch on-the-go. This made the croissant – in different types and shapes – a well-known best seller all over the world.

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Pound Cake

Only for ingredients, that all it takes to make a traditional Pound Cake: flour, butter, sugar and eggs. And it’s not hard to guess with how much of the ingredients the Pound Cake is made. That’s right, a pound each.

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These classics remain as popular as ever. Whether you’re producing sweetened or savory muffins, you want them to have that nice attractive overhanging top. Vary with fruit, nuts, chocolate, or another filling of your choice and surprise your customers again and again.

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Fondant Line


Fondant’s fine structure of sugar offers many possibilities. It not only gives cakes a smooth, shiny and colorful layer; it is also very suitable for many creative decorations.

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Danish pastry

That’s why Danish Pastry is called Wienerbrød in Denmark. Around mid 19th century Austrian bakers came to Denmark during a strike amongst Danish bakers and introduced their techniques and recipes in Denmark. The Danish changed the recipe to their own liking and the name Danish Pastry was born.

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Bakon product macarons


These sweet meringue based round cookies adorn the windows and shelves of many stores with their beautiful colors. The macaron as it is known today is made of two almond meringue discs filled with a layer of layer of buttercream, jam or ganache filling.

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Is it the glistening of the fondant icing that makes the eclair look like a bolt of lightning? Or have they been named so because they fly off the shelves at the confectioners? Anyway, eclairs are so good that they are eaten as fast as a flash of lightning!

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Dough is a thicker form of batter and is made by mixing flour with a liquid and sometimes adding yeast or another leavening agent. In addition, ingredients such as fats or flavorings can be added. Dough forms the basis of many food products, of which bread or flatbreads (pita, naan, tortilla, etc.) are the most important. But biscuits, pastry, pizza, pasta, noodles, etc. are also made of dough.

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Bakon Multi colour dipping line with product Donuts


Donuts are one of the bestsellers of our time; with or without the traditional hole. The original fried donuts might look plain, but are irresistible with various flavorings or one of the many colorful and easy-to-apply toppings and decorations.

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Bakon product cupcakes


Cupcakes, originally baked in individual paper cups, are now widely produced in different sizes and flavors. Because they are easy to fill with many different fillings and to top with countless decorations, there is a cupcake for every occasion.

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Perfect cookies should have wrinkly, textured tops, crispy edges and must be chewy in the middle. Cookies are produced in a huge variety of styles, using various ingredients such as spices, jam, chocolate, raisins, peanuts, nuts, or dried fruits. The most famous cookie is probably the irresistible chocolate chip cookie.

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There are as many cakes (and recipes) as there are occasions to serve them: wedding cakes, anniversary, birthday cakes, Christmas cakes, Halloween cakes and so on.

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