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Roto Sprayer - Bakon

Spray hood

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Stainless steel

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In height adjustable rotating spray bridge with various number of spray guns.

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High-volume spraying with the

Automatic Rotating Glaze Spraying machine

The AUTOMATIC ROTATING GLAZE SPRAYING machine for high-volume spraying

The AUTOMATIC ROTATING GLAZE SPRAYING machine is a rotating and high-volume glaze spray machine with the same functionalities as the AUTOMATIC GLAZE SPRAYING machine.

A rotating spray bridge ensures high volumes of products which leave the machine as if they were sprayed piece by piece.

Overspray of glaze or marmelade is reduced to a minimum and is collected for re-use.

The AUTOMATIC ROTATING GLAZE SPRAYING machine not only delivers beautiful products but allows you to work economical and competitive as well.

Key features

Heated glaze is pumped up from the funnel with an air-operated piston pump and transferred through an electrical heated spiral heater and a stainless steel filter to the rotating spray bridge.

The glaze returns from the spray bridge to the pump cabinet through a hose and a back pressure valve to keep an even pressure in the system. The spray bridge is adjustable in height and is fitted out with a various number of spray guns. The conveyor that transports the products has a per product adjustable speed. The spray guns are actuated by a photo sensor and plc-controller and open once the product is detected.


Glaze and marmelade
on e.g. Danish pastry, pies, flans, fruit cakes, fruit tartlets and frozen pasties in all kinds of shape and size.

Depend on the model
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