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Introducing RedControl

Introducing RedControl

Improve your efficiency, get easy and quick access to all process data and recipes!

RedControl is our new advanced operating system. It has a uniform layout and will be applied to all our machines, both individual machines and complete production lines.

Get to know future-proof technology from RedControl

Our RedControl operating system is process-oriented, logically structured and easy to understand. For complex tasks, the user is supported by step-by-step instructions. Such as the handy recipe wizard with visual support. It is possible to revert to a previous action without losing data.

The simple and consistent design provides information in a clear and compact form, with operator-specific (live) information displayed on a customizable dashboard. The system allows the driver to create his own favorite functions and statistics on the dashboard.

With RedControl you have the status of your machine or complete production line at all times. In addition, RedControl is able to give you any point of attention at exactly the right place in the machine. With the accompanying visual support! Important analysis data such as production quantities, cutting movements and the like will soon be available.

In addition, RedControl will be able to perform remote maintenance. A special tool that allows you to carry out the expected maintenance on time. To avoid downtime!

Key benefits of RedControl


  • User-oriented controls
  • Modular structure, uniform appearance for all machine types
  • Useful recipe wizard with visual support
  • Customizable dashboard with favorite features
  • Control of individual machines and complete production lines
  • Support workflows with step by step instructions
  • Intuitive approach with active user guidance
  • Simple, process-oriented display of machine settings
  • Process-oriented abstract navigation
  • Reduction of incorrect operation
  • Alerts clearly visible on dashboard
  • Reduction of training times
  • Reduction of downtime

Intuitive operation

The intuitive operation and user-friendliness of RedControl are immediately visible on the dashboard. The layout of the dashboard is clear and simple and can be determined and set by the operator himself.

Operators easily enter the desired parameters via the uniform layout (buttons always in the same place) using clear icons and following logical steps with visual support.

The most important key figures can be viewed at a glance, so that the operator is fully informed of the progress of the production process at any time.

Quick menu

The Quick Menu, with items that are important to you or frequently used items in the production process, is also easy to set up. The Quick Menu provides an overview and easy access to items such as:

  • Production status
  • Cleaning mode
  • Recipes
  • Machine settings
  • Production totals or other desired data

Would you like to know more about what our RedControl-controlled machines can do for your production process?

RedControl provides insight into your production processes

All our machines and production lines of course meet the latest hygiene requirements, which ensures that your food production runs according to the highest applicable hygiene standards.

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