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Working at BAKON!

Do you want to work in an ambitious team, in a growing company? A company that designs and manufactures smart bakery machines for customers all over the world? If the answer is yes, then check this page and our vacancies. And who knows, you might start working at BAKON soon!

More than 55 professionals at BAKON make our machines and service better every day

BAKON is a stable, expanding company. A company where the engine of our progress, is the drive of our engineers. Every colleague sees and understands that. The heart of the company beats for and because of technology. Our support services aid and unburden our engineers, From Research & Development, Engineering to the Sales, Production and Service departments.

BAKON personeel

That is why every colleague at BAKON is equally important

If the colleagues from R&D and Sales don’t bring up relevant questions out from the market and our customers, our developers cannot act. If our P&O employees do not create the conditions in which our engineers and production department can improve, sand can get into the machinery. And you don’t have to be an engineer to understand that the engine will then falter. We avoid this by working together as a team, like a well-oiled machine. This is how we make the difference in the world of innovative bakery machines. We celebrate successes together!

BAKON is growing and got the taste for more!

BAKON operates independently as a part of the Coperion, an international group of world leading technology providers in both the food and health industry. Although BAKON works independently, the expertise, knowledge and experience of other companies within the group is important for BAKON’S ongoing development. By combining knowledge and expertise, we can achieve desired growth faster and more efficiently. This means growth in technology, market expansion as well as penetration. But also the development of our employees and indeed the entire organisation: Alone you go faster, together you go further.

Working at BAKON?

Everyone is important and motivated at BAKON. We try to bring out the best in everyone by developing what they are good at and by helping our colleagues to achieve their goals and ambitions. Why? Because that’s when people come into their own. This works well and efficiently for everyone as well as the organization. The atmosphere within our company is open, relaxed and collegial and the lines of communication are short. Of course there has to be performance. But because of the way we work together, everyone is included in a positive way. This creates the feeling of joint objectives and achievements at BAKON and that’s exactly how it is.

Inline Ultrasonic Cutting

Employees speak

BAKON world

The world is our playing field

From the city of Goes in our small country, we serve customers worldwide. We operate on all continents. This is often done through local dealers and/or agencies. This also means that our account managers, service technicians and product specialists make long flying hours. All this makes us an internationally oriented company. In the workplace, the working language is Dutch, but many of our colleagues speak several different languages. Delegations from abroad regularly visit our company and its brand new BAKON Experience Center. In this facility the BAKON equipment really comes to life.


Robotization is human work!

Staff shortages are a problem in many parts of the world. Companies strive to increase efficiency and that is why demand for robotization is increasing worldwide. BAKON responds to that demand and has acquired a leading position in the development and construction of smart machinery. We want to maintain and develop that position. We are looking for qualified people to help us achieve this. People who master these techniques and want to develop them further in our teams. This principally concerns the integration of software and customer-specific solutions for the operation of our equipment lines. Coming up with smart, progressive solutions that help our customers further is and remains human work. We see a major challenge in this field and if you share this vision, we hope you want to get to know us.


BAKON is located in the beating heart of the province of Zeeland: Goes

BAKON is situated in Goes in the south west of The Netherlands, directly on highway A58. Goes is a bustling city that occupies an excellent position within the top 10 of top economic locations in the Netherlands (source: EW and Louter 2022). Goes forms the beating heart of the Province of Zeeland and is easily accessible from West Brabant, Greater Rotterdam and the regions around Antwerp and Ghent (all within 1 hour’s drive). In and around Goes is a good place to live, work, study and recreate. Traffic jams are rare, the coast is nearby and life is more laid back here than in other parts of the country. You will also find comparable living and housing facilities in nearby cities such as Middelburg and Vlissingen. And, last but not least, housing prices are certainly interesting for people coming from outside of Zeeland.

Sounds good to you? Then you’re made for BAKON!

Unless and until you’ve seen and met each other you will not know if there is a good fit.
However, you will know fairly soon if there is a match.

Would you like to find out how that works at BAKON? Click here and join us for a day!


Doing an internship or need an apprenticeship? BAKON gives you a stage!

Are you looking for an internship, a graduation project or apprenticeship where you will really learn something and where new doors will open for you? BAKON is a recognized training company and offers various apprenticeships and internships. And it is good to know that many students and trainees have found a permanent workplace at BAKON.

BAKON is part of the Food, Health & Nutrition Division of the Coperion Group

Coperion is a global industrial and technology company. Across the three divisions, Polymer, Food, Health & Nutrition and Aftermarket Sales & Service, Coperion employs 5,000 people in 50 locations worldwide, striving to create the future of tomorrow.

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