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All Depositing Machines

With servo-driven depositing cylinder to control the depositing movement and easy to operate through the full-colour touchscreen.
Suitable to deposit all kinds of semi-liquid products and available with a wide range of features
No more time-consuming filling of the hopper with this quick pump and depositing machine that deposits directly from a bowl or container
A small table-top depositing machine that increases production capacity and product variety to suit small companies, caterers, hotel and restaurants
This machine is designed to process a great variety of products; especially suitable to deposit products with pieces, like nuts, raisins, chocolate, etc.
Compact, simple, fast and accurate table-top machine for the depositing of semi-liquid and more solid products.
Processes a very wide range of different products and reaches a high production speed together with a high level of accuracy.

More about BAKON's Depositing Machines

BAKON manufactures professional, commercial and industrial Depositing Machines for confectioners, bakers and the food industry worldwide.

Above an overview of our wide range of Depositing Machines for the for fast and efficient depositing of semi-liquid and more solid products, such as of cake batter, dough, cupcakes, muffins, macarons, products with pieces like chocolate and nuts and many more.

We also manufacture complete Production Lines with Depositing Machines integrated and custom-made solutions. Contact us for more information.

Customized and Turnkey

Custom built to your specifications​

We design and manufacture complete production lines to the needs, desires and circumstances of customers all over the world. With our expertise in pastry equipment we are able to meet all your needs and find the best possible solution.

Together we will look at your requirements with regard to the required machine and the products to be produced. On the basis of this information, our technical draftsmen go to work, after which we will present you the customized solution.

BAKON is your partner in customized and turnkey solutions to optimize your production processes.

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