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Let it Shine

Spray all kinds of liquids

Egg wash, oil, water, syrup, liquor, oil-based release agent. Spray them both cold and warm.

Egg wash or glaze on croissant
Egg wash or glaze on brioche
Oil with or without herbs on naan bread

No loss of product

Overspray is kept to a minimum and will be returned to the container for re-use.

Oil with or without herbs on foccacia
Eggwash or glaze on brioche
Individually setting of the disc flow

Best spraying results

Because of the (individually) adjustment of the disc flow, conveyor speed and pump speed.

Syrup on sponge cake

For all sizes and shapes

Whether it’s round or square, thin or thick, confex or flat.

Syrup on sponge cake

Up to 8 discs and more!

We always offer customized solutions; especially for (very) large amount of discs and working widths.

Egg wash or glaze on buns
Disc Sprayer - Detail - BAKON
Syrup on rice waffle
Oil-based release agent on baking trays

Also for baking trays

With baking tray guiding system and detecting sensor.

Various conveyor belts

Poly cords, wire mesh belt, transport cords of slat top chain

Disc Sprayer - Detail - BAKON
Disc Sprayer - Detail - BAKON

BAKON designs and manufactures

Standardized and customized spraying machines cutting machines depositing machines decorating machines

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