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Never miss the target


Only spray your buns

and keep the surroundings clean

The pulsating spray guns of the TARGET SPRAYING MACHINE never miss their target!

Target Spraying Machine - BAKON

Target Spraying Machine

The TARGET SPRAYING MACHINE has a spraying bridge with up to 12 pulsating spraying guns.

Movable spray guns

The pulsating spray guns can easily be positioned across the width of the spray bridge.

Collecting funnel

The collecting funnel collects the overspray for re-use. 

Appetizing shiny buns

Like all shiny products, shiny buns taste and sell better!

Target Spraying Machine - BAKON

Pulsating spray guns

The amount of pulsating spray guns can be adjusted to your wishes.

Clean trays & belts

With target spraying you keep your trays and conveyor belts free of spraying product (so they last longer).

Target Spraying Machine - BAKON

Cooled container with collecting funnel

The collecting funnel collects and transports the overspray into the cooled pump container. An eccentric disc or impeller pump pumps the spraying product (back) to the spraying bridge. 

Control panel

The easy-to-use control panel with switches for product choice, cooling, spray volume, auto filling, etc. 


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