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The Impact of Decorations

The Impact of Decorating

Making your products irresistable

Before the decoration starts

Depending on the product and application, the first step of food decorating may be carried out by a Spraying, Enrobing or Dipping machine.

For products without coating, the Disc Machine applies a layer of water or an other adhesive, allowing the decorations to adhere. An Enrobing or Dipping machine ensures that the product is (almost) completely covered with chocolate or fondant, so that the toppings applied with a Strewer or Drizzler easily adhere to the product.

Our Strewers dispense a wide variety of toppings

Elevate the visual appeal of your products thanks to our innovative strewing technology. No more uneven sprinkling but reliable, high-quality results. From sweet treats to savory delights. 

Our Strewers ensure consistent and precise distribution with every use. Designed and engineered with advanced technology to offer unparalleled control, allowing you to customize your decorations with ease. 

The Drizzler creates elegant lines enhancing the visual appeal of your products

No more messy drizzling, our Drizzler is designed for efficiency and ease of use. Experience the difference our Drizzler can make in decorating your food products. 

Whether you’re decorating cakes, pastries, or cookies, our Drizzler ensures consistent and perfect results every time. Its versatile design allows for customizable patterns, from delicate swirls to intricate designs, elevating your baked goods to new heights.

Decoration units


With the Strewer you can effortlessly sprinkle various toppings, such as sprinkles, nuts, seeds, or spices, onto your dipped products, adding texture, flavor, and a beautiful appearance.

No more laborious refilling because of the automated reclaim of  product

One of the key advantages of our Strewers is a continuous strewing process achieved by:

Vacuum Pump: Our Strewers can be equipped with a Vacuum Pump that ensures a continuous strewing process and puts an end to laborious refilling. 
Automated Conveyor belt: an ingenious conveyor system that ensures automated reuse of products without the need for frequent refilling.


The Drizzler with (heated) container and eccentric screw pump, is designed for ease of use and versatility and can be integrated into (existing) production lines (e.g. the Dipping Line).

The Drizzler pours or trickles a (fine) stream of liquid, like glaze, icing, chocolate, or fondant onto your products and they suddenly become even more attractive. Whether you need a thin, delicate drizzle or a bold, decorative design, the Drizzler delivers the best results every time.

Explore the complete Decoration line

> Working width from 300 mm up to 2000 mm
> Dipping level easily adjustable
> Dipping section removable from the machine for cleaning.


Look for more info: Dipping Machine

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The zigzag movement creates decorations with stripes.

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With a (heated) container and eccentric screw pump to pump the product through a hose to the decoration tube on top of the conveyor. Unused coating will flow back into the container for re-use.

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With our newest STREWER it is possible to strew more or less any product you like and they can be
strewed in any desired density. The spreading density is set by means of a stepless adjustment.

A nice and even spread is achieved by a newly introduced and advanced way of spreading.

Decorate your products with, for example: rainbow sprinkles, chocolate flakes, coconut flakes,
nuts, caster sugar, granulate sugar, pearl sugar, raisins, slivered almonds and more.​

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Donut Icing & Decoration Line complete with Drizzle unit and Strewer
This high speed Donut Icing & Decoration Line puts an end to laborious manual dipping and starts speeding up your production. The Dipping section is equipped with a “Au bain Marie” heating system and is easy to remove for cleaning. 

All our machines and production lines of course meet the latest hygiene requirements, which ensures that your food production runs according to the highest applicable hygiene standards.

BAKON also specializes in machines for

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