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The World of Food Production

BAKON designs and manufacturers innovative solutions for the entire food industry!


Deposit your Tapenades, Spreads, Dressings & Dips without structure damage or product loss

We offer several machines for the depositing of these products with their different structures without damaging your precious products or unnecessary loss of product. 

Depositing in the exact right amount can be done in all kinds of containers, bowls, cups, jars, etc, so your products are always well presented. 

Discover our extensive range of machines suitable for any desired capacity: from one of the machines of the BD Range to a stand-alone Gearwheel or Piston Depositor to fully automated Production Lines

BAKON Gearwheel Depositor en Piston Depositor

The market for Ready-Made Meals continues to grow

Benefit from the growth of Ready-Made Meals with our wide range of Depositing Machines and Production Lines and our decades of expertise in the food industry. 

Caterers and smaller producers can easily scale up their production using a conveyor belt in combination with one or more stand-alone dosing machines from our BD Range or a Gearwheel or Piston Depositor. Larger manufacturers of Ready-Made Meals are better served by automated production lines.

Keep your Desserts, Yoghurts, Creams and Mousses light and airy!

When producing and depositing desserts, creams and mousses, it is very important that the structure, lightness or airiness is not affected. This greatly contributes to the quality of your product. 

Take your production to a higher level and contribute to the brand awareness of your products with our machinery, such as the BD Range for small-scale production up to Production Lines with high to very high capacities.

Consumers are turning to Plant-Based Products

BAKON closely monitors this shift to plant-based ingredients. We use innovative developments to ensure that our machines keep up with the changing needs of this strong growing market in the evolving food industry.

Explore our various Ultrasonic Cutting and Depositing Machines, as well as our Production Lines, for Plant-Based Products.

BAKON also specializes in machines for
Depositing, Spraying and Ultrasonic Cutting

All our machines and production lines of course meet the latest hygiene requirements, which ensures that your food production runs according to the highest applicable hygiene standards.

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