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Innovative production lines

Fully automatic production line for steamed donuts

Innovative production lines

High capacity & labor saving

Use one production line for the production of multiple products!

BAKON develops various production lines with a large number of options to combine machines which allows you to run your production of many different products fully automatically.

Discover below the many options for the greasing, depositing and finishing of your pastry.

Efficient greasing for a perfect release

The RELEASE AGENT SPRAYER distributes a fine film of release agent into the moulds for good release of the products.

Depositing by the PISTON DEPOSITOR

The PISTON DEPOSITOR is easy to manage and easy adaptable to deposit a great variety of  products.


High capacity depositing of a wide range of different products is fast and accurate done by the GEARWHEEL DEPOSITOR.


This versatile and reliable BD9 DEPOSITOR deposits liquid and semi-liquid products with great accuracy.

Discover the ENROBER

Use an ENROBING MACHINE to cover your donuts or any other products with a beautiful and tasty top coating.

Easy dipping

Put an end to slow and laborious manual dipping; experience the BAKON DIPPING MACHINE and start speeding up your dipping production.

The finishing touch

A STREWER or DRIZZLE UNIT take care of the eye-catching finishing touch of your products!

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