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Automation in food production


Automation in Food Production

Automation enables manufacturers to meet growing production demands while reducing labor costs and minimizing human errors. It improves production line efficiency, maximizes ingredient usage, and enhances food safety.

Automation is the cornerstone that drives innovation and shapes the future of the evolving food production market.

BAKON’s commitment to innovation empowers food manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve, adapting swiftly to changing consumer preferences and market trends. With over 35 years of experience, BAKON has established itself as a trusted leader in food production machines.

One of BAKON’s trademarks is its dedication to creating customized solutions that precisely meet customers’ unique demands worldwide. Our engineers work closely with our customers to realize their specific requirements in tailor-made solutions, optimizing overall performance.

Automation in Depositing

BAKON’S depositing machines, equipped with advanced automation technology, are designed to meet the production needs, of small-scale bakeries to large-scale industrial facilities.

Starting with our BD Range, to a Gearwheel or Piston Depositor to fully automated Production Lines all our Depositing Machines are designed to handle various recipes and ingredients. They deposit without compromising texture or integrity, whether thick batters, delicate creams, or chunky fillings.

The machines provide extensive data monitoring and traceability features. Real-time insights into production metrics empower manufacturers to maintain the highest standards of food safety and quality assurance, increasing consumer confidence.

Automation in Ultrasonic Cutting

Our Ultrasonic Cutting machines, equipped with the latest automation technology, are tailored to the demand for precision cutting machines from the food-producing market.

BAKON’s range starts with standard models, such as the Pico, the Nano, or the Compact Ultrasonic Slicer, and ends with customized solutions with Inline Ultrasonic Slicers. We serve the needs of small-scale manufacturers to large-scale industrial companies. All these ultrasonic cutting machines are versatile and designed to process a range of products and product shapes with ease. Whether it concerns delicate pastries, quiches, lasagna or cheese, our technology ensures precisely cut portions without product loss.

Automation in Spraying

BAKON’s innovative Spraying Machines meet the diverse spraying requirements in different sectors of the food manufacturing industry.

Whether coating confectionery, greasing molds, pans or baking trays, glazing pastries, or adding toppings to snacks, our Spraying Machines deliver consistent results without compromising taste or texture. All this is done with a minimum product loss by collecting and reusing overspray.

Our range of Spraying Machines also meets the wishes and requirements of small-scale companies and large-scale food manufacturers. The smaller models, like the Chocosprayer, Spraymix, or Jelly Easy Range excel in ease of use, while the industrial machines (Disc SprayerIndustrial Glaze Sprayer, and the Release Agent Sprayer) focus on high production capacity.

Innovative Solutions and increasing efficiency for our customers!

Integrating advanced automation, remote monitoring, and servicing, in addition to remote software updates and the integration of robots or cobots, all contribute to delivering exceptional results for our customers. Our commitment to innovative technology ensures our customers experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Operating on a lower scale?

BAKON also offers far-reaching automated solutions in the field of Depositing, Cutting and Spraying for those food manufacturers that work with lower production volumes.

Even at smaller production volumes, the benefits of automation are substantial. BAKON’s solutions can elevate your operations.

Many of our stand-alone machines for depositing, cutting, and spraying are tailored for lower volumes. Production capacity can be increased over time by expanding existing equipment. These machines are designed to grow with your production capacity, simply by expanding them, combining multiple machines into a production line, or integrating them into an existing configuration.

BAKON also specializes in machines for
Depositing, Spraying and Ultrasonic Cutting

All our machines and production lines of course meet the latest hygiene requirements, which ensures that your food production runs according to the highest applicable hygiene standards.

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