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Upscale your production

Upscale your production save on labor with Bakon
More capacity, high product quality and less labor.

This Labor-saving Industrial Depositing Line is the solution!


Very suitable for mid-size and industrial bakeries

The depositing line in detail

For various cups, trays or moulds
Exceptionally well in depositing

This Depositing Line is designed to produce a range of marble cakes

The DENESTER dispenses the paper cups on the conveyor, at an adjustable pitch that can be set on the PISTON DEPOSITOR.

The two Industrial TRANSFER PUMPS each transfer a different type of cake batter into the hopper of the PISTON DEPOSITOR, which is capable of depositing both chocolate and natural cake batter to create the marble effect.

Add a DENESTER to your production line and increase production capacity with less labor!

Customized solutions are of course possible!

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