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Boost with bazz

Optimize your production process with bazz.

The ideal mix of machine, bakery ingredients and recipe!

Greasing with release agent
bazz. greasing machines

A good start is half the work! Discover the bazz. greasing machines and start your baking process with baking tins and baking trays greased to perfection.

Greasing without hassle
bazz. release agent

Use the right release agent for your baking tins, baking trays and baking moulds and you will deliver beautiful products.

Spraying with glaze
bazz. spraying machines

It’s something for the eye 🙂 The bazz. spraying machines effortlessly provide a beautiful shine to your products. Indispensable in every bakery!

Shine like never before
bazz. glaze

Use the right glaze together with the right machine and you easily add more shine to your products!

Depositing tiger paste
bazz. depositing machines

bazz. supplies industrial and  traditional depositing machines for the perfect application of tiger paste; simple and fully automatic.

Perfect tiger bread
bazz. tiger paste

Process the best tiger paste with the best machine and you produce the most beautiful tiger breads and tiger buns.

bazz. is for today's bakers!

Get started right away, top quality guaranteed!

Two Dutch companies BAKON and Zeelandia join their forces in bazz.

The perfect match between two Zeeland manufacturers:

BAKON, manufacturer of bakery machines and

results in optimal production processes.

Discover the power of collaboration!

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